Goggles for children and adults


Goggles also come in several styles, different colours and designs. We can offer you different sizes for all the family. Just click on one of the links below where you can view the full range of goggles online. There is nothing better than owning your own goggles. Don't forget to let your friend know about Sledges and Snowboards .co.uk

how to pick the correct Goggles

Picking the correct goggles when you are first starting out is a tricky one, to pick the perfect goggles depends on personal opinion.. Trial and error when picking snowboarding goggles is what its all about. We can offer you some of the premium makes on the market today from Scott,Smith,Manbi and Bolle. We can also offer many styles,Polarized,Anti fog and over the Glasses, we also have goggles design for really bright sunshine and for gloomy overcast skies. The lens colour can be important for some people, this could also match what else you are wearing. Several colours are also on offer and we can supply for Men, Women and the children. Do not forget about our fantasic Sledges, we can offer plastic sledges and some of the most competitive prices on the internet today, we can also offer your classic wooden design.