sledges and snowboards

SnowBoard Extreme Series


Choosing the perfect snowboard and sledge Jacket by taking into account durability and comfort. Different makes and models come in different shapes and sizes, offering a variety of experiences, ranging in comfort, aerodynamics and durability of the Jacket. Invest in a quality jacket and turn your winter into the adventure of a lifetime!

Family Fun Time

Have some quality time with your family and friends this winter and embrace the sports of the season! Sledges and Snowboards are not only highly exhilarating activities, but are also guaranteed to provide you with hours of laughter and fun. To make the most out of your winter vacation, however, make sure you’ve picked up the right equipment. Sledges and Snowboards are the perfect winter adventure for adults and children of all ages. With years of experience in the industry and a wide network of established partners, we supply only the highest quality snowboard and sledge equipment. Our full range of products is suited to any individual taste, preference and, of course, budget. For the smallest riders, we also offer special snowboards and sleds that are designed to offer safety and security, while helping the little ones tote through the snow.

Products Online

Click on one of the snowboard pictures or sledges below to view the full range we have on offer. We also have a fantastic clothing range for all your family winter fun as well as safety equipment, footwear, bags, helmets and all your other essentials.